Sun was shining outside. Warm breeze smelling of late summer got through my window and I shivered by the thought that 24 hours later I will be on completely different continent. My mother was packing excited  to leave Britain. And who could blame her. We both went through tough time lately, but especially mum. I sighed out of despair thinking I have to leave my friends behind and started to pack. Suddenly mum rushed in the room slightly annoyed: ''Olivia, you aren't ready yet. I told you ages ago that our flight is at five. Hurry up!'' ''Yes, mum I know. I'll be quick'' I responded. I looked at my stuff and carefully assessed what I'll need the most. It wasn't much so my suitcase was packed in a couple of minutes. Than the phone rang. ''Livy, where are you? We're waiting for you here at the coffee shop'' said Becky. Rushing down the stairs I managed to say ''I'll be there in seconds''. I kissed my mum and silently mimicked her with lips ''I'll be on time, promise!''. She nodded and smiled with her beautiful rose lips. As I was walking down the street towards the coffee shop I remembered all the good times we had there, laughing, drinking cocoa on rainy days, talking how we we'll stay here friends forever. But nobody realized how destiny can interfere. It's best to not plan anything at all so there is no surprises ahead of you. Because when life changes in unpredictable way you can only go with the flow and expect the best. 
     I was close. I noticed that because I could see shapes of Becky, Jonathan, Liam, Anna, Aoife and Ryan. They were holding something, I think it was a gift. Though I explicitly told them not to give or buy me anything. But to be honestly true I was little happy they did. That way I'll at least have some memoirs about them. Arriving in front of the shop girls rushed towards me and hugged me tight with tears in their eyes. Boys were not far behind. They were teary too but wouldn't show it. ''We will miss you, Livy. Why do you have to go so soon'' said Anna. ''I know it's too soon for me too, but we'll keep in touch OK. I'm going to miss you so freaking much'' I replied. ''Do you plan to come back for summer break and holidays'' asked Ryan. ''I don't know. Probably. Depends when my mum gets holiday leave.'' I doubted though because we had no one left here in Britain. I never met my other relatives and parents rarely talked about them. But I didn't want to upset my friends so I've kept this thought for myself. In the corner of my eyes I saw Jonathan. He was more silent and visibly disturbed than usual. I felt that he still has feelings for me, but I can't be with him. Not like that. Not now. It wouldn't be fair to both of us. He'll get over it anyway. 
      My time with them was quickly slipping out and 16 years with them by my side seemed like yesterday. I looked on my watch and noticed that I have only fifteen more minutes to say goodbye. I was dreading of that moment. I was never a big fan of goodbye, now more than ever. Who could guess one leave could make such a havoc and lead to more goodbyes, unnecessary ones. ''Olivia, this is for you'' Aoife and Liam said. They gave me a huge book full of our photos, adventures and memories of youth. They also gave some practical stuff to make my new home feel like here in Britain. Tears started to wet my eyes and I got a big lump in the throat. I hate what I have to do now. I hugged each and everyone and finally said goodbye. It was time to depart. Mum was already waiting me outside house. I waved one last time and screamed from top of my lungs ''I will never forget you''. Back at home I glanced my own room once more and looked at our old house. It was old, maybe even more than century but it had that smell, that feeling and mark like no other house will. It was a house where my childhood began and where it is ending. I'm not anymore little girl with two blond pigtails who naively believed everything she heard. I'm older and wiser and trust is not something I give randomly. I'll miss my old place. I'll miss the time when worries weren't on my horizon. The time had come. We stepped in the taxi and our long journey began. Journey to land down under, Australia.


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