Oct 14, 2015

Bounty Cake

In the last couple of days my sugar cravings came again and I wished for the chocolate bar called Bounty. It's a sort of mixture of coconut filling and milk chocolate. It is super sweet, though. So much so, that it hurts your teeth (not exaggerating). Hence I decided to make a cake that would resemble its taste but would be on a more healthier side. Just a little bit, because let's get real, sweets are never going to be healthy :] I found numerous recipes for it but in the end I used the one from Kulinarika.net. I somewhat changed it in the cake batter part. For that I used a recipe from an old Slovenian cookbook called Kuharstvo, whose authors are Andreja Grum and Pepika Levstek. Recipe for the Bounty Cake in the link above is in Slovene, therefore I will post this recipe only in English.  

Bounty chocolate bar


For cake batter:
  • 4 eggs
  • 8 Tbsp of water
  • 3 Tbsp of cocoa powder
  • 200g (7.05 oz) of  crystal sugar
  • 240g (8.46 oz) of flour
  • 1 bag (0.35 oz) of vanilla sugar  or  10ml (2 tsp) of vanilla extract  or even both (for better taste)
  • 1 bag (0.45 oz) of baking powder
  • 5dl (2.11 cup) of milk for coating the cake batter
  • 2dl (0.84 cup) of double cream
  • 3 Tbsp of crystal sugar
  • 400g (14.1 oz.) of sour cream
  • 8 Tbsp of powdered sugar
  • 8 Tbsp or more (by choice) of shredded coconut
  • 400g (14.1 oz) of plain chocolate
  • 4 Tbsp of oil


Cake batter:
  1. Separate eggs into yolks and whites of an egg. Add 4 spoons of water to whites of an egg and whisk it with a whisk or electronic whisk mixer. During whisking, slowly add the crystal sugar and whisk the mixture until you get that firm 'snowy' texture. Add another 4 spoons of water to yolks and smoothly whisk them.
  2.  To whipped egg whites, add whisked yolks and half of the flour (4.23  oz), which was previously mixed with baking powder, also add vanilla sugar or/and vanilla extract. Softly stir it and add another half of flour (4.23  oz) that was previously mixed with cocoa powder. Stir the mixture again and pour it in the pre-buttered round cake tin or round cake tin coated with parchment paper. 
  3. Turn oven to 302  °F and bake the cake batter at that temperature for 20 minutes. Then bake another 20 to 25 minutes at 392  °F. The cake batter is baked when it gets that golden brown surface. You can also use a,sharp pointy knife to see, if it is really baked. If the knife is clean and nothing is sticking on it, then it is baked. Carefully take batter out of the tin and vertically slice it in two halves. While it is still arm coat it with cold milk. After that let it cool down. 


 Whisk the double cream and crystal sugar with electronic whisk mixer. In separate bowl mix sour cream and powdered sugar. Add shredded coconut and whisked double cream to it. Nicely stir it all together. Equally coat both halves of cake batter with the filling.


Boil some water on the pot and put the tin dish over it. Put chopped chocolate into the dish with some tablespoons of oil. Stir it until the mixture is shiny and thick but still liquid enough. Pour it over the fillings on both halves and spread it equally. Let the dessert cool off on the room temperature if you want nice, soft glaze. In case you refrigerate it the glaze will eventually harden. The easiest way to cut it in this situation is with warmed knife (soaked in hot water). Depending on portion sizes serving amounts can be up to 30 or more.

Voila. Bon appétit!


May 3, 2015

Chapter 2: Déjà vu Part 4

     Ever since that afternoon with Logan and the lifeguards, life seemed easier and less complicated. I don't know why, but his presence makes me feel relaxed. Like I can tell him anything and he won't judge me. Before I could realize it, I spent most of my time with him and his group of friends. Even though it was nice to meet new people I knew I had to tell my friends what was really going on. They were concerned because of my recent absence. Specially Madeline. Though I could tell she was also a little suspicious about me and Logan. I couldn't avoid it. I had to trust them.
     It was during the last weeks of summer when I decided to spill the beans. We went surfing at Tamarama beach. Weather was nice so we stayed a little longer. Conversations brought up the subject about our parents and how some didn't like the way they were treated by them. At first I didn't want to speak out, but then I felt the need to finally reveal the whole story. »Well, I get it in a way. My mum still treats me like a child. She doesn't really tell me how she feels or what's going on in her life. But to some extent she just wants to save me from the harm. I believe it's the same with your parents« I said. Cameron half-agreed: »Yeah I guess. But it is still annoying. I'm basically almost grown up«. Kai abruptly added: »At least you have someone that cares for you«. Whole group suddenly became silent. Cameron and others were glancing at each other. At that moment I felt like an outcast because I didn't know what was the situation with Kai's parents like others did. But I quickly comprehended it. To break the silence, I shared my story. »But sometimes even if you have someone who cares for you, that doesn't make the difference. You can still feel like you're all alone« I responded. Suddenly they all looked me surprised and at the same time puzzled, Kai included. He asked me: »What do you mean, exactly? « I felt very vulnerable and nervous telling them. I could hear my inner voice telling me 'They will pity you, don't do it, don't trust them'. Somehow I managed to find the strength and say: »I have a mum, who loves me to pieces. But she herself can't fill up the hole my father left in her life when he decided to leave us, let alone be there for me. She tries though. That's why we came here. To start anew. However, nothing changed.« I could see everyone glancing each other not knowing how to react like earlier with Kai. But not Madeline. She looked at me compassionately, although not in a pitiful way. I think she understood what I was saying. »At first it seemed we were ok. Nevertheless, one day she disappeared and I was all alone, not knowing where she was. Thankfully, I spent my time at Madie's house until she came home. Still, I can't shake off that feeling of being abandoned, finding it hard to trust anybody. And I'm sorry that I lied about it. I was just scared they would separate us, since she had some health issues in the past« I concluded my story with tears forming in my eyes. In an instant they all showed me support, saying they are there for me and that I shouldn't keep that to myself. Even Madeline, who was probably hurt the most from this. My fears of being pitied vanished in the air. By the time we were going home, I was filled with a sensation of warmth feeling relieved and loved. Feeling I longed for so much. Of belonging.
       After that, the days seemed shorter and shorter. School was practically on the doorstep. I managed to divide my time between observing mum at home, surfing with friends and hanging out with Logan and his mates. I convinced Madeline spending time with him wasn't a big deal. That he was just a friend. At least that's what I was telling myself. She didn't directly confirm me that she had a crush on him, however I could tell. Anyways, while hanging out with him and his mates, I learned quite a lot about surfing, rescue techniques and ocean conditions. For some reason I loved that. It was natural to me. They picked up Logan's joke about me being almost like one of them and also gave me a nickname 'Ollie'. Maybe, just maybe I will become one of them in the future.
      One day after once again a bad time at home, I went surfing at Bondi to cool my nerves. Who would've thought that this helps. The swell was incredible. Two to three feet big waves. I was going for my last ride of the day when I suddenly saw another surfer by my side. He was getting closer and closer to me. Careful not to cause a collision I tried to stay in my lane at a safe distance from him. I didn't recognize the surfer until I came back to shore and noticed it was Logan. You couldn't miss that grin on his face. »You were playing with me, didn't you« I said jokingly. »Somebody had to« he replied playfully. We sat on a sand all tired. »That was a good ride« he said. »Yes, indeed. I needed that« I sighed. »Those days again, ha«. »Yes, unfortunately. Although not that bad, just weird.« »What do you mean? « he asked confused. »She just acts suspicious. Like she wants to hide something from me. And her behaviour became erratic. One day she's super excited and then the other day she's super melancholic. I just needed to get out of the house«. »Have you tried to get her checked by a doctor? « As soon as he said that I remembered the last conversation with my friends and I knew right then that I had to tell him. »She has been hospitalized for a nervous breakdown in past after dad left us, so I guess it would be a good idea to get her evaluated«. He didn't look perplexed as I thought he would. He understood me. »It's probably just too much for her, moving and all that, you know« he said. I felt like he knew what I was going through, but I didn't want to probe. Yet he said it himself: »Me and Kai went through something like that when we were younger. Dad was out of the picture and mum, she tried to be there for us both as a mum and a dad. But she couldn't hold on. Soon she was gone too. « I could see the pain in his eyes and I instantly understood why Kai acted like he did. They lost their mother. »Anyhow, we got it through with family's support. And you and your mum will too. Believe me. Just help her while you still can« he added. We chatted a little while about our lives until it started to get dark, therefore we decided to go home. Before that talk, that day I didn't believe we would've had so much in common. But we did. It was like I've found my kindred spirit.
       I came home to find everything in a mess. Mum went totally crazy. She was still in her ecstatic mood searching for something, though she tried to hide that fact from me. But I wasn't blind. Something was very wrong with her. I attempted to calm her down without luck. It had a reverse effect. She became even more enthusiastic. I couldn't take it anymore, so I went towards my bedroom to cool off, when I saw a piece of paper laying on the floor with my father's picture on it. It was a document from a private investigator. What got my attention was his residence. He was living a new life here in Australia. Shocked about this discovery I grasped that was what mum hid from me all along. The truth why we came here. I couldn't believe it. 

 Source: ActressFoto.com

LAmbAdA CAke

I've tasted this sweet dessert couple of times and always swore I would try to do it myself, but never had the time. So, since my brother had a birthday coming up and knowing he loooves it, I just had to find the time for it. My original idea was to reconstruct Lambada dessert in a traditional way of making a cake. But this plan fell through. Structurally, it would be just too unstable. Therefore, I decided to make it like it's supposed to be done. Here is the recipe for it (in English as well as Slovene);

Ingredients / Sestavine:

              Sponge Cake / Biskvit (for 16 people / za 16 ljudi)

-          4 eggs                                                   / 4 jajca
-          8 spoons of water                                 / 8 žlic vode
-          7.05  oz of sugar                                   / 200  g sladkorja
-          8.46  oz of flour                                    / 240  g moke
-          1 bag of baking powder  (0.45  oz)       / 1 pecilni prašek (13  g)
-          1 bag of vanilla sugar (0.35  oz)            / 1 vanilin sladkor (10  g)

* For chocolate Spong Cake use 7.05  oz of flour & 1.41  oz cocoa or chocolate powder. / Za čokoladni biskvit uporabite 200  g moke in 40  g kakavovega ali čokoladnega praha.

  Jelly / Žele

-          1.05  qt of 100% (or 50 %) orange juice      / 1  liter 100 % (ali 50 %) pomarančnega soka
-          3 vanilla pudding powders                            / 3 vanilijevi puding praški
-          7 spoons of sugar                                         / 7 žlic sladkorja

*Butter Biscuits (like Ritter, Leibnitz or equivalent) / Masleni keksi (Albert oz. podobno)

  Cream / Krema 

-          0.52  qt of milk                                / 0,5  l mleka
-          6 spoons of Gustin (2.11  oz)           / 6 žlic Guština (60  g)
-          4.40  oz of margarine                       / 125  g margarine

Glaze / Glazura

-          7.0  oz of chocolate (dark or baking)                      / 200  g jedilne ali temne čokolade
-          1.41-1.76  oz of butter (for melting chocolate)        / 40-50  g masla (za topljenje čokolade)

English recipe;


Sponge Cake

  1. Separate eggs into yolks and whites of an egg. Add 4 spoons of water to whites of an egg and whisk it with a whisk or electronic whisk mixer. During whisking, slowly add the sugar and whisk the mixture until you get that firm 'snowy' texture. Add another 4 spoons of water to yolks and smoothly whisk them. 
  2. To whipped egg whites, add whisked yolks and half of the flour (4.23  oz), which was previously mixed with baking powder, and also add vanilla sugar. Softly stir it and add another half of flour (4.23  oz).Stir the mixture again and pour it in the pre-buttered cake tin. (I used springform cake tin, so it would be easier to take it out and eventually to cut it in evenly layers.) 
  3. Turn oven to 302  °F and bake the sponge cake at that temperature 20 minutes. Then bake another 20 to 25 minutes at 392  °F. The sponge cake is baked when it gets that golden surface. You can also use a,sharp pointy knife to see, if it is really baked. If the knife is clean and nothing is sticking on it, then it is baked. After that let it cool down and then cut the layers. 
  4. Of that much ingredients you can get at least 3 layers. So you can basically make 3 Lambada cakes. But in our case we need just one layer. So you can use other biscuit layers for other kind of dessert or just sprinkle them with powdered sugar and serve them like that to the guests.
  • Warning: In case of chocolate sponge cake evenly divide  both flour and cocoa /chocolate powder. Mix together one half of flour (3.52  oz) and one half of cocoa /chocolate powder (0.705  oz) with baking powder. Then also mix the other half of  flour and the other half of cocoa/chocolate powder together.
  1. Take a couple of spoons (preferably 8 to 10) of orange juice and mix it with vanilla pudding powder and sugar. Stir it, till it becomes smooth and liquid. Cook the rest of the orange juice in the pot, until it boils. 
  2. Move pot from the stove and add vanilla pudding mixture into the boiled juice. Mix it in quickly with a whisk and whisk it on the stove, till it becomes thick. 
  3. Pour the jelly into the cake tin on the sponge cake and let it cool off on the room temperature or put it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes (5 – 10 min). After that put on top of the jelly a layer of biscuits (Or you can put it on the cream like I did). Soak biscuits with rum, milk or any kind of juice.

  1. Boil half of litre of milk and ½ of margarine (2.20 oz) in the pot. Move pot from the stove and add 6 spoons of Gustin  (2.11  oz) into the mixture. Put pot back on the stove and stir it, until it is thick enough. 
  2. When it cools off (on room temperature) and is lukewarm, mix in the last half of margarine (2.20 oz) and pour it over the biscuits (or in my case jelly).
  1. Boil some water on the pot and put the tin dish over it. Put chopped chocolate into the dish with a couple cubes of butter. Preferably 1.41-1.76  oz of butter but it can vary. I usually don't measure it because I'm already used to how much I need. Stir it until the mixture is shiny and thick but still liquid enough. Pour it over cream or like I did, over the biscuits.
  2. Let the dessert cool off on the room temperature if you want nice, soft glaze or  in the refrigerator if you want the hard chocolate glaze layer on top. I also decorated my Lambada cake with chocolate ganache icing (using the kitchn recipe) since it was made for a birthday, but you don't need to. If dessert stays outside on room temperature, it's best edible for 3 days.  In refrigerator it can last longer.

Slovenski recept;


  1. Loči jajca na beljake in rumenjake. Beljakom dodaj 4 žlice vode in z mešalnikom stepaj da nastane sneg.  Medtem dodajaj sladkor ter stepaj dokler se tekstura ne utrdi. Druge 4 žlice vode dodaj rumenjakom ter tudi njih z metlico ali vilico gladko stepaj. 
  2. Snegu dodaj stepane rumenjake in polovico moke ( 120  g), ki jo prej zmešamo z pecilnim praškom, nato pa še vanilin sladkor. Gladko zmešaj in dodaj drugo polovico moke. Znova gladko zmešaj maso in jo prelij v namaščen pekač. Jaz sem zaradi lažjega rezanja in odstranitve biskvita iz modela uporabila 'springform' pekač oz. pekač z odstranljivim robom. 
  3. Biskvit peči 20 minut pri 150  °C in nato še dodatnih 20-25 minut pri 200  °C. Ko je pečen bo imel biskvit lepo zlato skorjico. Če je res pečen lahko preverimo tudi z ostrim nožem. Če se nanj nič ne prime, je biskvit pečen. Pustimo ga, da se ohladi. Kasneje ga razrežemo na sloje. 
  4. Ker iz sestavin lahko dobimo več kot 3 sloje, tako lahko naenkrat naredimo 3 Lambada torte. Vendar za potrebo tega recepta rabimo samo enega. Preostali biskvit se lahko uporabi tudi za druga peciva ali pa ga preprosto posujemo z sladkorjem v prahu in postrežemo takega.
  • Opozorilo: V primeru čokoladnega biskvita razdeli  200  g moke na pol, prav tako 40  g kakavovega oz. čokoladnega praha.  Zmešaj skupaj prvo polovico (100  g) moke in 20  g praha skupaj z pecilnim praškom. Drugo polovico moke in praha prav tako zmešaj skupaj.

  1. Vzemi nekaj žlic (8 do 10) pomarančnega soka in ga zmešaj z praški vanilijevega pudinga ter sladkorjem, dokler ni masa gladka in tekoča. V posodi zavri preostali sok, dokler ne zavre. 
  2. Posodo odstavi in v vreli sok  hitro vmešaj pudingovo maso. Na ognju mešaj z metlico, dokler se puding ne zgosti. 
  3. Zlij žele na biskvit v pekaču in pusti, da se ohladi na sobni temperaturi. Lahko pa pekač za 5-10 minut pustiš v hladilniku. Zatem na žele položi plast maslenih keksov. (Ali pa jih namesto tu, raje položi na kremo kot v mojem primeru). Piškote navlaži z rumom, mlekom ali sokom.
  1. V posodi zavri pol litra mleka skupaj z 62, 5  g margarine. Odstavi in v mešanico dodaj 6 žlic Guština (60  g). Na ognju z metlico mešaj vse dokler se mešanica ne zgosti dovolj. 
  2. Ko se ohladi (na sobni temperaturi) oz. je mlačna dodaj drugo polovico margarine (62,5  g). Znova zmešaj in prelij kremo čez maslene kekse oz. v mojem primeru čez žele.

  1. V posodi zavri vodo in nanjo postavi lahko kovinsko posodo. Vanjo daj sesekljano čokolado in okoli 40 do 50  g masla. Jaz ponavadi ne merim, saj že imam občutek koliko ponavadi rabim. Mešaj dokler se čokolada ne stopi, glazura pa postane sijoča in gosta, a vseeno še vedno tekoča. Prelij jo čez kremo ali tako kot jaz čez piškote. 
  2. Če želiš lepo, mehko, sočno glazuro, sladico ohladi  na sobni temperaturi. In nasprotno, če želiš bolj tršo čokoladno glazuro, daj sladico hladiti v hladilnik. Jaz sem jo še okrasila z čokoladno kremo ganach iz smetane in čokolade po the kitchn receptu, saj je bila Lambada torta narejena za rojstni dan, vendar to drugače ni potrebno.  Sladico je najbolje pojesti v 3 dneh (če je zunaj na sobni temperaturi). V hladilniku zdrži še malo dlje.

Dober tek!

Mar 4, 2015

Chapter 2: Déjà vu Part 3

       I enjoyed my time with friends but somehow I knew it was time to go home. To check if mum did come back. And even though I had little expectations that it would really happen, I had hope. Madeline wanted to come with me but I needed to go alone. From the distance I could see that house looked different. Not so abandoned as it looked just couple of weeks ago. Windows opened. Doors unlocked. Did somebody break in? I wasn't sure. Carefully I stepped into the hall. There was no noise, no mess. It didn't looked robbed. Suddenly I heard foot steps. My heart rate started rising. I entered the living room, when I saw mom. I couldn't believe my eyes.
       Still under the shock I tried to ask where she was but she interrupted me. ''Oh, it's you, Olivia. I thought somebody broke in'' she said relieved. There was so much I wanted to know that my mind got overwhelmed. I just couldn't talk. I hugged her so tight she couldn't breath properly. Finally I uttered: ''I missed you so much''. ''I know you did. I missed you too'' she replied while caressing me. ''Where were you?'' ''I had to go on the business trip. There was emergency situation. I would've told you sooner but I didn't knew what we're dealing with until I got there. I'm so sorry, honey''. ''You could've called me after you got there.'' ''I know. I should. But I had so much to do and I completely forgot. Anyway I knew you would be OK alone for a few days. You are very independent. I had no worries.''  ''Couple of days, mom?! It was almost two weeks! And what exactly did you do?'' I asked sceptically. ''You know, helping managers with fixing company status and such, nothing that would interest you.'' I felt like she tried to avoid further questions. I didn't believe her story. There's something behind it.  
      Why would she leave me without answers, any kind of arrangement with her friends or our neighbours. All alone. It just didn't seem right. After all she doesn't work for government organizations or anything like that. She works in business management. That much I knew. Although I don't know what exactly she does for a living, I know one thing. There's no job that would expect from employee to detain any information about destination and duration of work to its family. Especially when it's going away for quite some time. It just seems fishy. And no calls or messages in those two weeks. Every parent would worry about their child being alone. ''But I'm interested. Tell me all about it'' I tried to get more out of her. ''Olivia, I am very tired. I still need to clean the house . I will tell you later, OK'' she answered tiresome. I could see her mood changing. At that point I didn't know if I should push for the answers I so badly needed or let her be. I decided for latter so that I could watch her next couple of days and see if she is really fine. She seemed too calm. It was like silence before the storm.
       To release some stress and to get my head around mom's disappearance and her excuses I went for a stroll. Walking through Hunter Park all the way to the Bondi to my special spot always calmed me down. I used to do that every time I got frustrated with my mom. This time though my enjoyment of peace and processing of informations I learned today got interrupted by a familiar voice. In the distance I could hear Logan talking with his co-workers after he just finished his shift. It seemed like he was heading in my direction. Few moments later and he was already next to me saying cheerfully: »What are you doing here all alone? Where are others?«. Half mumbling I managed to give him response: »It's just me, relaxing a little«. He noticed that something isn't right from my expression and way of talk but he didn't pushed me into talking about it. »So you come here often«, he asked. »Sometimes. When I need some time for myself. It's beautiful, don't you think?« »Yeah, it really is. That's why I work here«, he answered mischievously half joking half being serious. He tried to lighten up a conversation. I could sense awkwardness of the situation and knew that I should confess what was really going on.
     Till then nobody knew what I was going through. »You know, that's not the only reason I come here. I come here to process my thoughts but also to get away from reality«. He became attentive and looked at me a little bit concerned. »It's nothing that major«, I tried to downplay the circumstances. »Well, these past weeks when I've been at Madeline's house…ahm, it wasn't because mom was on business trip. It was because she went away for some time without noticing me beforehand. I didn't know where she was or how long she would be gone. And today she came home.« I felt relieved to finally say it out loud but at the same time sadness overwhelmed me. Looking at Logan I could see he was changing his expressions from shock, astonishment to the puzzled and compassion. »Why didn't you tell anyone about this?« he said. »I don't know. I guess I didn't want to be pitied. I didn't know how you would react and I feared I would've been taken away from my mom.« »We would understand, you know. We are here for you. I am here for you anytime you need it«. If he would only knew what that meant to me. Trusting was something I never knew how to do. And his response, his willingness to help me but not pitying me, made me feel more at ease. I can trust him. Maybe I could trust others too. »Thank you, I know. I should've told you before. The thing is when it comes to family I rarely talk about it. Life taught me that way. And now I don't know what to do.« »About your mom coming home?«, he asked. »Yeah, she has bunch of excuses about working. That she simply didn't have time to call me. That she wanted to but forgot. I don't believe her. Why won't she tell me where she was? I don't know if I will be able to trust her now«, I answered almost in tears. I couldn't help myself. He leaned more closely, caressing my shoulders and arms while trying to console me. »It will all work out, trust me. Just give her some time. Eventually she will open up to you. She must have had a good reason«. She must have had, yeah, I thought to myself.
       When I calmed down he wanted to cheer me up. So he asked me, if I am up for some fun. He and his mates were having annual lifeguard games this afternoon and he invited me to tag along. »You're basically almost like one of us doing all this rescues«, he was flattering me. And it worked. How could I say no to him. I needed some entertainment anyways. He knew exactly what I needed. A day that started grim, was now becoming brighter. All because of him.

Jul 20, 2014

Slow down and enjoy life

“Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” ~ Eddie Cantor

   This last few months I definitely should have slowed down but I didn't. So it was only a matter of time when something bad would happen to me. And it did. Now I have all the time on the world to reflect where it went wrong. I admit that I am sometimes or actually all the time a little stubborn. When I get something in my head that I want to do I need to do it and nothing can stop me. For certain things that is a great trait but it can also be the trait that gets you into trouble. I experienced that on my own skin.
      As always I was planning a few projects that I wanted to do in next couple of weeks but I knew I had limited time. Therefore I had to stick to my schedule or it wouldn't work. I had an exam coming rapidly and some errands to carry out. With all this determination and enthusiasm I lost sense of caution and importance of what I was doing. For me it was so important to finish this errands and projects in order to feel accomplished. Looking back at it I see now where I made my mistakes. I think I felt like I didn't achieved anything in the last year being out of the university. I missed being busy and doing projects, writing papers and such things so I occupied myself  as much as I could and however I knew. Now I see that it didn't help at all. In the end I just hurt myself badly (bad sprain with torn ligaments) which only brought new health complications along the way.
     I needed some time for myself to rethink about my wishes, goals and aspirations, to see what it is possible and what not and at the same time what I can do to act differently. Months of bed rest  helped with that. And there's plenty of months ahead until I completely rehabilitate my leg. It stopped me in a way. Everything I was doing, projects, writing came to a halt. As much as my body needed rest, my mind needed it too. Life showed me I have to slow down or something really bad could happen. Thankfully I didn't injure myself too seriously but I could have. Few centimeters left and I could hit my head or neck. I was really lucky. And Thank God for my good reflexes. But If I got something out of this is certainly that: 
  “It is important from time to time to slow down, to go away by yourself, and simply be.” ~Eileen Caddy
My unfortunate leg now already out of the cast and with crutches as its companions.

May 17, 2014

To do the to do list

They say December is the busiest month of the year but I think that the title should definitely go to May and June respectively. Well especially if you're a student. I have intended to write some new posts, publish new installments of the novel for which I already have the outline of the story, do some home improvement work, etc. As you can see nothing happened yet due to the lack of time. Even though I am in the gap year I still have one exam that will make my next few weeks a living hell. Yep, Sociology exam. Something you'll never need in life or career. At least not me. So to remind myself what I need to do in the next month or so I made a to do list. It's practical and useful, if you have overcrowded mind like me. And since it's on the blog I won't be able to throw it in the trash or misplace it. Here it is.

The only thing I need now is MOTIVATION. Lots of it.


It is possible that I won't be posting anything till mid of June but I'm not quite sure yet. I will see how much time I'll have on my hands. Till then have a nice day and enjoy this song. Summer is almost here people :D