Chapter 1: Second chance

    36 hours later I woke up in a big hotel room bed still in blur what I have been through last two days. I couldn't be excited but I tried to retain happy face for my mum. She had too much sorrow after dad left us unbeknown what would lead later. Divorce papers were sent over mail. That moment was the only time when I saw my mum crying intolerably. But that was not all. The debts and mortgage were left to my mum. She was so depressed she had to be admitted to hospital. She was never the same after that, she'll never be. At that point my compassion for dad has gone. Not only that he left mum, he left me too. I try to put my brave face on but it hurts me too. He didn't even hint what he's going to do. He didn't say goodbye. No words, no letter, nothing. I can't erase him he's still my dad but I will forget him, that I promised to myself. Mum doesn't know how I feel. I don't want to bother her.
        While I was thinking that mum came from bathroom and sat near me saying ''What do you want to do this afternoon? Nice lunch, beach, some shopping?'' It is Wednesday today and our school and job don't start till Monday so we have all the time we want.'' Yes that would be great. Well we could also see Sydney Harbour, Opera house and Bondi '' I answered. ''Than that's what we're going to do'' she said. I loved time like this when we were doing stuff together. It was like in Britain. I didn't realize that before but I haven't left behind all my friends. The best one stood here with me. We took the train to the Sydney Opera House first. I imagined to be beautiful but in live it is even more gorgeous. Weather was clear and sunny and view on Sydney Harbour couldn't have been better. We took the picture in front on the bridge. Shopping center was near but we decided to skip it and rather have lunch at Nikos near Bondi beach. We were famished.
        It was 16 o'clock, time for us to sunbath on beach and rest a little. At first glance we looked like sisters. Both blond, curvy and well pale white. We stood out of other tanned Australians. Beach wasn't that packed which was normal for late August. But for us two it was warm and dry yet windy. We could see couple of surfers, a bunch of people swimming (probably foreigners) and three lifeguards. I wasn't in the mood to sunbath so I sat and watched waves breaking. I thought mum got asleep and I let my guard down. But she didn't sleep. She noticed and said: ''I see something is bothering you. What is it?'' ''It's nothing mum really, I'm just homesick and jet lagged.'' She believed me and laid back on towel. I wasn't lying but I wasn't honest either. I felt the need to swim so I could shake worries out of my mind. ''I'm going for a swim, mum'' I quickly uttered while undressing my T-shirt and short pants. I saw the yellow-red flags and remembered of my time on Ainsdale beach back home in Southport. We were taught where to swim safely. I went in the water between the flags.
         Swimming was something I always enjoyed doing. It made me feel better, fitter and healthier. Minutes flew by and I didn't notice that current changed its way, it became stronger. Slowly I was being washed out to open sea. Weather got more windy and waves bigger. I tried to swim out of the current but struggled. I didn't have energy for even one more swing. Current was too strong. There was no one near to help me. So I started to wave and scream ''Help, help me!'' With last strength I tried to remain afloat but waves started to hit me, drag me down under the sea level. I panicked thinking I am going to die. In distance I could see someone on the surfboard coming my way, it was lifeguard. But it got harder and harder being afloat and current pulled me down again and again. I couldn't breath constantly swallowing water. He wasn't so faraway now. I started to lose consciousness. Lifeguard approached me and  gave me a hand. After that all went black.
          It seemed weird. I could hear several voices but couldn't open my eyes. It was as if I would be trapped. What's happening to me? Then one male voice said: ''We have steady pulse''. ''She's slowly waking up'' uttered another one. I heard sobbing and I instantly knew it was my mum. ''Whippet did you call ambo'' said man near me. I could feel my eyes opening up, light blinding my sight. ''It's all arranged''  he answered. It was the strangest situation I've ever been involved in. Faces staring at me. Questions and words of consolation piling up. Barely talking I looked back closely examining faces around me and then I noticed him. Man who saved my life. I fainted again.


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