Chapter 1: Second chance Part 4

     It was Madeline. She looked shocked. ''How did you knew what to do'' she said with astonishment. I didn't knew what she was talking about until I looked down at guy cautiously immobilized in my hands. He was pale but conscious though he couldn't talk because of the pain. I helped him stay afloat. I was surprised at myself that I knew how to react. ''Don't know, Madeline. Are lifeguards coming'' I asked. ''It will probably take time for jet-skis from Bondi to here but yeah they're coming'' she replied. Lifeguard on the surfboard approached us and asked us if anybody else beside the guy is injured on which we answered negatively. He gave the sign to the guys in tower. From I could tell injured guy had broken collar and possibly neck. I tried to reassure him as best as I could. Soon the jet-skis came, guy was swiftly taken on a spinal board and was given a neck brace. Lifeguards carefully held the guy on jet-ski and they were already on the way. One lifeguard looked very similar to Madeline. Is he her brother? And I think I saw Logan. Or I am now really going crazy. 
      At that moment I realized what just happened. First time since drowning I felt safe in the sea, I wasn't scared anymore and only because I was concerned about somebody else's life than mine. It felt like a relief, pressure taken from my shoulders. Madeline and I paddled back to the shore where others waited for us. All were pretty much shocked and impressed as Madeline herself. ''What just happened there'' Cameron asked. ''Nothing really, we helped fallen surfer'' I replied. ''We! It was all you, Olivia. You were brilliant. So focused and calm like you were doing that for years'' Madeline said enthusiastically. I didn’t want to make a fuss about it so I tried to change the theme: ‘’It’s getting darker. Shouldn’t we go to Pompei’s before they close up the restaurant’’. Thanks to the boys who were ‘starving’ my diversion was successful. We changed and went towards Bondi but I knew Madeline won’t yield. She will question me afterwards I am sure of that. Night came quick and so did the end of the last week of school. 
       In two months-time I will be a regular student as any other Australian girl. Mom had a lot of work so I spent a lot of time with my new friends surfing. I didn’t manage to tell her about conquering my fear of water but in a sense she herself didn’t confide in me a lot. I started to feel like we were alienating from each other. In contrast Maddie was there talking with me about my fears and unfortunately also about a rescue. She didn’t stop nagging me about it. How good I am at that, that this could be my gift. I always thought swimming was where I excelled. Such a shame I neglected it. Maybe she’s right or we both are. So summer came in big swing, temperatures over 40°C. Therefore Maddie and I decided to go sunbathing on Bondi beach. She already agreed to meet there with her brother. We sunbathed and swam for couple hours when the time came. We started walking towards lifeguard tower in what looked more like skipping manner because of the hot sand. In the distance I could see bright brown hair belonging to Maddie’s brother and another man with black hair. 
         We were face to face, Maddie hugged tall black hair man and her brother introduced himself to me: ‘’Hi, I’m Mark, Madeline’s brother.’’ ‘’Hi, it’s finally nice to connect name with a face. I’m Olivia’’. From the corner of my eyes I saw Maddie looking at Logan quite caring and loving. Not revealing her feelings too much she switched chatting to Mark about some party planning. And there he was, the man I was seeing everywhere making me crazy. In live he looked even more handsome than I could imagine. His almond eyes and perfect lips…it sucked me in day dreaming. Thinking how awkward this situation must be I snapped out of day dreaming and introduced myself hoping he didn’t noticed my staring: ‘’Hi, I’m Olivia’’. He responded: ‘’Hi, I’m Logan. You know you look familiar. Have I met you somewhere before?’’. ‘’No, I don’t thinks so’’ I lied. I didn’t want him to think of me like a victim he once saved. Even though that’s what I really was. But he insisted: ‘’I know you from somewhere, I’m sure’’. ’’Oh, yeah from that rescue on…’’ he tried to remember. My heart started to race. He’s going to remember. And that’s the way he’ll know me from now on. In this moment of déjà vu flashes came back to me. Logan giving me his hand, taking me on surfboard and quickly paddling to shore. Vague memories of resuscitating. His face beside mine telling me I am OK, that I am alive. I started to tremble a little. ‘’…on Tamarama. You were the one who immobilized the guy’’ he finished his sentence. I was relieved. He didn’t remember. ‘’Oh, that. That’s nothing comparing to what you guys do’’ I said humbly. ‘’Trust me, you were amazing out there. Without your quick and smart reasoning he would be paralyzed. You saved him. ‘’Really, it’s not a big deal but thank you anyway’’ I tried to end the conversation about the rescue. But in that moment Mark interjected: ‘’Honestly, you were great that day. Perhaps you should consider working for us in the future.’’ Not knowing how to react I mumbled: ‘’I don’t know…maybe’’. ‘’Believe me, my brother knows when he sees the potential’’ added Madeline. I almost felt backed in a corner. Thankfully both Logan and Mark were called back on duty and me and Maddie went back home. 
      With Logan still in my thoughts I came to my house. It looked empty, not a living soul inside. I went directly towards the kitchen searching for some kind of message from mom but I couldn’t find it. That was weird, she was never late. Though we didn’t talk this past months as much as I would wished. She could be withheld in a meeting or something. Should I be worried? I looked once again around the house but still found nothing. Then I saw light flashing from voice machine. I pressed and the following message was: "Olivia, I’m sorry. I am really sorry but I won’t be home for a few days. Love you." She’s sorry about what. Where is she going? Some of it doesn’t even have sense. My mind started puzzling.   


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