Chapter 1: Second chance Part 3

   Moments flew by quickly spending time with new friends and finally spring came to its last days. You could feel the climate warming up. People were ecstatic. How could they not be, school hollidays and Christmas hollidays were just around the corner. I however didn't share their happiness. It brought me back to memories from Southport, last happy days we had as a family before things started to go sour. But I decided that past should be past and me and mum would at least try having happy hollidays despite our friends being all the way back in Britain. We deserved that.   
     I didn't realise until now that I actually have really good friends here in Sydney. Madeline became almost like my best friend...who am I kidding...she is my best friend. She helped me get through the fear of drowning even though I probably didn't like her methods at the time. But I trusted her since she is in a school swimming team and her brother is a lifeguard. In the first week of November when water started to get warmer she invited me to go surfing along with her firends. I was hesitant at first and probably a little bit frightened but didn't want to show my fear so I accepted. I was surprised for a minute that we aren't going to Bondi but that we are actually headed to Tamarama beach. On the way there Madeline's friends Hayley, Cameron, Imogen, Jordan, Mikayla and Kai taught me everything I needed to know and what to expect. I must say I probably forgot everything in a blink of an eye. There was so much information. When we arrived they gave me some dry surfing training and I was ready to go.
     ''Before we go surfing, do you have any questions?" said Kai. "No, no I think I'm good" I nervously replied. I felt contrary to that. Gulp in my throat, heart beating rappidly, stomach aching. Am I really ready for this, being in a water after what happened the last time. No but I have to do it, I must do it for myself. The rest of the group except Madeline, Kai and me already went surfing the waves. They saw hesitance and fear in my eyes. Kai tried to comfort me saying: "It's like riding a bike. You fall a few times but eventually you learn. You'll see it's not as hard as it seems". Madeline knew reasons for my fear and thankfully didn't tell anyone about it. Her friends probably thought I in general am shy and afraid of new things. She looked me with a wink in her eyes and said: "Don't worry. Just have strength in legs and good posture and let the rest to the waves". "You're both right" I said encouraged. We ran into the waves. The adrenaline kicked in, blood rushed into the veins. Waiting for the right wave just amplified the senses I felt. Being a newbie I let others go before me so that I could see what to do properly. Madeline said she will go after me just in case. The rest of the 'gang' already caught the wave. Just another random surfer and I decided to take my chance. Catching the wave was something I never felt before. Such a rush of feelings.
        And before I knew I was standing on my surfboard trying to balance myself. Like I was natural at it. Of course with confidence growing I fallen down in sea as quickly as I stood on the board. I nearly missed guy who went before me. He fell even harder than me. Getting back on board I paddled out of surf zone when I saw that that guy didn't move. And since I was the closest to him I paddled to him checking if he's okay. Floating on back he was showing no signs of life. I waved to lifeguards and hoped they saw it. My mind started to think in high gear what I am suppose to do, what not. So much thoughts went through my head in that moment. Suddenly there was brown-haired girl beside me.



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