To do the to do list

They say December is the busiest month of the year but I think that the title should definitely go to May and June respectively. Well especially if you're a student. I have intended to write some new posts, publish new installments of the novel for which I already have the outline of the story, do some home improvement work, etc. As you can see nothing happened yet due to the lack of time. Even though I am in the gap year I still have one exam that will make my next few weeks a living hell. Yep, Sociology exam. Something you'll never need in life or career. At least not me. So to remind myself what I need to do in the next month or so I made a to do list. It's practical and useful, if you have overcrowded mind like me. And since it's on the blog I won't be able to throw it in the trash or misplace it. Here it is.

The only thing I need now is MOTIVATION. Lots of it.


It is possible that I won't be posting anything till mid of June but I'm not quite sure yet. I will see how much time I'll have on my hands. Till then have a nice day and enjoy this song. Summer is almost here people :D


  1. Oh, sociologija. Jst jo imam tudi in bo še precej bednih ur za spisi... :-/ Srečno z vsem! :)

    1. No upam, da ti bodo te ure za spisi minile hitreje kot meni naslednji tedni pred zapiski :) Srečno z vsem tudi tebi :D


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