Requiem poem - One of the Stars

First of all I have important notice that next part of online novel will come in first week of September (it could happen earlier) due to college work. Scripts and drafts are already in the making. So until then I will post work of others or some of my song and poems. This poem or you could actually take it also as a song is about too many young lives lost due to addiction. It hit hard for me when I found out one of my favorite actors (Cory Monteith) died because of an overdose. I was aware about his past but I never thought that his life would end so abruptly. His death and so many of other young actors and singers in last couple of years inspired me to write this poem. It's probably on the side of my rarest darkest songs and poems (they are hidden in my book :)). At first I was hesitant but now I think that it deserves to be published and that this theme shouldn't be a taboo in our world. After all more we talk about it better chances we have to save another young life.

One of the Stars

Too young to die,
too old to believe,
that a world is a place,
where love prevails,
where evil never wins,
where it's beautiful to live,
those are fairy tales
that never exist.

You were taken
by the jaws of misguided belief,
that only a powerful drug
can give you a relief.
A horrendous addiction
where start is so vague
but the effect remains
when you're losing your mind
facing at the end with your demise.

Living in the limelight
never said to be easy,
the power of strength
you sought so much
was in you within.
You rather took
an easy way out
making an excuse 
to those left behind.

Drugs and alcohol
destroyed you inside out,
leaving a shadow of yourself,
a big hole of doubt
of the never ending future.
Legacy of your life
remains unbroken
as a hope to those
taken back to the stars
to quick to realize 
they are one of them themselves.


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