Chapter 1: Second chance Part 2

      His face kept spinning in my head. All I could see were his eyes and lips. Thinking I was dreaming I fell out of my cloud nine and woke up…in a hospital. Pain in my chest reminded me why I landed here in the first place. Still wrapping my head over all the events happening in last couple of days I recognized one familiar person next to me. My mum. She looked terrible and tired. Tears were dropping from her eyes. “Oh, my God, Olivia. Sweetheart, you scared me to death. Don't do this to me again” she said with trembling voice. I tried to reply but she didn't let me talk. “Don't try to talk. Doctor said you'll need a lot of rest. We can talk later” were her words. I managed to say “Mum, I can still ...” much to her dismay when she put her finger on my lips. I didn't argue since I was tired and felt sleepy anyway. All questions piling up inside me will just have to wait. I stayed another night on observation and therefore being in hospital for already three days. I wanted to go home. Finally in the morning I persuaded doctor to let me go home though I was prescribed bed rest and pain killers. It looked like I got away with just a few broken ribs and some cough but nothing major. I was lucky, very lucky. I could've easily drown.
       Sun was shining outside, waves kept bumping the beach. Spring was practically on doorstep. And I was stuck in the house with sitting on a terrace being my only outside activity. Every time I saw the ocean I remembered some piece of memory but it never clicked together. Mum told me things like how hard they were trying to revive me. I was practically lifeless, pale. Almost dead if it weren't for them, for him. After that I was unconscious for whole two days. Doctors still don't know why. I could see that this wasn't easy topic to talk for mum so I stopped questioning her. After all she couldn't tell me everything what happened. I have to find out on my own. She is just happy that I am alive. But I feel so incomplete. Trying to distract myself I helped mum around house even though she kept refusing my help, my bed rest and all. Weekend flew by in a second and in a way I was glad to start my advance course. At least I wouldn't think about horror I nearly escaped.
       Since we moved in Sydney in August I couldn't start school normally due to two different school calendars. So I chose to do some advance classes and differential exams to fill my next couple months till summer holidays. Focusing on that I naively thought nightmares and dreams about waves would go away with time. But they didn't. It was like I was again in the sea drowning, without air, my legs and arms completely still. This time nobody rescued me. I didn't tell mum about them because I knew she would freak out. I have to do something about it. Soon. Weeks flew by. I met couple of people but I didn't really have any best friends like in Britain, just acquaintances. Until September 17th.
        It was normal Monday like always, 7.45 am. Mum already left for work and I was dressing school uniform. I quickly ate breakfast and was already on the way to Rose Bay Secondary College. It wasn’t far away from our house on O’ Donell St. On the way I saw Madeline in the distance. Girl I met at math class. Well at least I thought that was her. She was with a tall black-haired boy older than her and somehow familiar to me. I didn’t want to interrupt so I acted like it’s nothing walking slowly to the school. They stopped for a little at the entrance. In that moment I saw his face, almond eyes and soft lips. How could I not know him. He looked like him, he who rescued me. Or it was just an illusion. While I lost myself in thoughts they already went into the school. Thankfully I caught glimpse of him. I followed him in the hall almost catching him. But then the bell rang and I stood there in the middle of the chaos of pupils hurrying to classes. He vanished from my sight.
       Day went by quickly and I tried to convince myself I was going crazy. Seeing him everywhere. That’s not normal. He was the only piece to the puzzle missing. The only one to tell me what happened and the only one who could stop the nightmares. It was the last class of a day and thankfully I saw Madeline. She was brown-haired, athletic build girl just about my age. And probably one of few people who I could consider as my friend here. We were still knowing each other but I asked her anyways “Was that your brother up there in front of the entrance?” “Logan” she said. “No, no. He’s my brother’s friend. They work together and he wanted to know where he could find him” she answered. Teacher just came in so we couldn’t talk more loudly. I knew her brother worked here on school but didn’t knew for his other job too. “Why do you ask” she questioned whispering. “Oh, nothing. He’s just familiar” I avoided the question. Well it was true anyway. She responded: “You’ve probably saw him on Bondi beach sometimes, he’s lifeguard there”. I gushed “Aahhh”.Teacher heard us and gave us harsh look. That was sure sign to stop talking. I mimicked her ‘Thank you’ silently with lips. She smiled and waved like it’s not a big deal. Well now I know I didn’t go crazy. Not completely at least. I saw him, I saw Logan.


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