Time runs faster than words...and so do thoughts

      Ughhh...It's almost three months since I wrote my last post. Moments go by quicker than you would think. I wasn't lazy though. Exams and papers took a lot of time from me but I didn't forget to write. I think it is better like that. You re-read what is written, get new ideas and write some more. I had basic idea what I wanted to portray but now when I add more and more people to the story all just gets complicated. One wise man once said that nothing can be thought quickly and have quality. Art of writing needs time and I'm getting that now. Every story needs good foundation otherwise it collapses quickly. And  I want this novel to flourish and grow up with my style of writing as well.
       I started to wrote this novel to unleash my appetite for imagination. I did write poems, short stories, etc. long before that. But it was one year and a half prior to this when I was introduced how to do it in the right way. I liked its intriguing way of telling yourself through stories, expressing your feelings and emotions. That's why I like to write. You determine what will happen to who, in which way, when, where and how this characters will feel. There are so many options you could choose and there's no limits. However I didn't knew at a time that this is not only what I am but also what I want to do. To write theater scenarios, books, novels, video scenes, music videos, films, songs. Basically everything to do with making ideas a reality in the most imaginative way. And what better represents this than words, music and image. It maybe looks all around the place but it's what I want. I can't picture myself sitting in the office day after day till my pension or inevitable death. I need variety, new experiences and skills.
      In a sense I think I knew that about myself  when I applied for media communications study on university. With the help of it I know how media runs, which channels are important, how they affect audience. And if I tie those two things together...for me that's material for a dream job. On the other hand where I live market is to small and monopolized. If I want not only dream my dreams but actually live them the only option is to live them abroad. A sacrifice I will have to make for something I want. I dream scenes, I am daydreaming stories, I get new ideas while watching TV, I have revelations of twists while I eat and get the urge to write stories down in my sleep. In retrospect I breath, eat and sleep for writing. It's true how so many people say that life works out in mysterious ways. It sure does in mine. Enough of my intense thoughts for today. I am enclosing the song (hopefully the video link will work) that makes my day when I feel down and distressed about writing blockage or just in general. I hope you like it :)


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