Delay and overflow

 Yeah, I am repeating myself like a broken record. I set my goals to so many projects I barely finish any. Reading other books and fan fiction doesn't help either and of course TV shows and music that give so much material too. It's really surprise I do anything at all. 

Two trilogies I started to read

So to change things a little bit I thought to show you some creative fabulous works of young writers while my work is on hold. I found these books very mystical, powerful (in a sense you can't stop reading it) and with so much passion between the main characters that you could feel it. It's probably safe to say that these two trilogies are more or less written to the tee for teenage girls and young woman though few guys could be exception. No vampires, no magic just love and almighty gods that are presented in such a fashion that we can perceive them as normal human beings with just a little bit more power than us.

Next few pictures represent guys that are blocking my work and mind; some actors and some real hard working lifeguards. Who could blame me :P...oh those abs :D (I have to stop staring or I'll never finish this post).

OK, now I'm getting off the topic but seriously enough about the pleasure (for my eyes) and more about work (for my soul). The mentioned books are really good and I highly recommend them. Read them you won't be sorry. Just don't blame me for your thirst for more :P Equivalently fan fictions are also very good to read, even more if your TV enthusiast like me. You can read different stories about your favorite characters, other dimensions about their acts, relationships and thinking. More or less you can reinvent them, read and write it like you want it. So far I know only three sites with qualitative writings; , and .  One of these cases is also blog I regularly read - it's on my right corner under name Bondi-Lover (about lifeguards pictured upwards). Feel free to look around and you'll for sure find something for yourself. Now if I return to my work for just a little bit. I had another novel idea. This time action, psychologically packed full of mistrusting and corrupt cops and vengeance of a man whose family was mysteriously killed, murder swept under the carpet by the man he idolised, his father. I already have a base and plot is unraveling quickly...but I just don't know which novel should I write first. You be the judge. :) Until next time (enjoy the pictures). :D


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