Long long ago....I'm back!

Since it was so long ago when I wrote last post I decided to spice things a little bit. I had a little writers block and so much stuff to do for college I totally forgot to write here. But thanks to some new books I was reading and movies I've seen I got ideas after ideas after ideas... One that really spoke to me was an ONLINE NOVEL. It's still in structure and when I will add finishing touches I will post it at least three times a week. Let me tell you a little about it (though not to much ;P). It's a novel full of love, drama, romance and anything in between. Two people who never met but knew that they are right for each other get closer step by step with their personal writings showing their feelings and emotions. But there is a twist...Will they finally get together or will their choices prevail and shape the future?  Who they really are? And who knows them well enough to prevent them being together? Well you'll have to stick around to find that out. I will start posting it probably in mid February. Until then  new songs, ideas and stories will have to do :) After all Aristotle once said:

      “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”


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